CADlabORATION Alpha .06 Meeting

4 of us met in Cleveland during the summer of 2006 to organize our thoughts on this project, learn some things from one another about our artistic practice, collaborate on some rudimentary forms, and plan for our first big meeting in Philadelphia during the Fall of 2006.

Images from this meeting are here

Cleveland - Ohio

Casa Hollern Argentieri B&B + The Cleveland Institute of Art Jewelry + Metals Department
Saturday and Sunday August 19 & 20 - 2006
Participants: Doug Bucci, Moore College of Art - Phil Carrizzi, Kendall College of Art and Design - Matt Hollern, Cleveland Instititute of Art, Rebecca Strzelec, Penn State Altoona



  • 9am-12pm - Initial Conversation and Draft of Mission Statement, accomplished and published
  • Lunch 12pm-1pm
  • Graphic Identity Conversation, XXX will be developing an initial visual language that is suitable for Tshirts, letterhead, business cards, website etc. Rebecca has notes on the details, expected concept delivery - end of September 2006 for review. Thank you Adam!

  • Doug: Bonus Tools and Rhino 4 Preview - 2pm-3pm
  • Rebecca: Surface Intersection Workaround/Workshop - 3pm-3:30pm
  • Phil: Wacom Tablet/ SubD modeling in Zbrush Demonstration - 3:30-4:30pm
  • Matt: Visualmill/CNC milling on Roland System - 4:30-5:30pm at CIA

Dinner and Introduction of the game Set by Rebecca

Saturday was a good day to settle in at Casa HA and get to work thinking and talking about what this group is all about, and how we see it intersecting with what we do as individuals. We were able to come up with some overall themes and goals that we spent the weekend trying to figure out how to achieve. The principal of which was to "do no harm." We were very concerned that the "resource sharing" component of our idea might turn into a free or cheap service bureau. We returned to the idea over and over that there was a much larger potential in all of this, and it really centered around the enabling of cadlaboration through technology.


  • Revisit Draft Mission Statement, edited and published
  • Collaborative Design Projects between participants - Rhinoceros - "Round-Robin-Tag-Team Rhin-Off." This was viewed afterwards as a fun exercise but something that would not likely be repeated in larger gatherings. There was little true collaboration or learning involved, though it was fun trying to imagine how to add, delete, or change each other's ideas as we switched in 20 minute intervals.
  • Discussion of Guerilla Studio participation and SIGGRAPH 07/08 - We discussed that the SIGGRAPH Guerilla studio might take advantage or offer CADlabORATION a large single event where artists who have and do not have digital skills might work together on a CAD enabled project.
  • Philly schedule and beyond (November 3,4,5 2006) - We discussed the meeting we are planning on November 4th at Tyler School of Art - who might be invited/be able to come, and what we would do. We decided that the overall mission and organizational planning should not be an agenda item. We need to crystallize interest before we deal with changing some of the details of how we will run things. On the Philly agenda: having Matt emcee the event, Rebecca should break the ice by teaching us Set, asking Stanley if he would like to give a lecture to kick us off - or have one of his students talk about their exciting work, Introducing the idea of a major exhibition of work team designed by cadlaborators, breaking up into teams to get contact information and discuss working processes, the idea that we should suggest a minimum of 1 copy per person be made of everything, that it would travel to the galleries of our own institutions and end up at the SNAG 2009 conference in Philly.
  • CADFA, Fair-Trade Agreement - we discussed a number of issues that will need to be addressed as schools begin to have students collaborating or 3D print share scenarios, which are outlined in Exchange
  • More Set playing, great game

Monday - Trip to Cedar Point for half-day of roller coaster craziness. Highlight was the first ride: Top Thrill Dragster. Phil left for Michigan but was involved in an accident where no one was seriously injured just outside of Toledo. He made it home safe later that night, and is doing well. Rebecca and Doug made it home safely to Altoona and Philadelphia respectively, and all have started classes and preparation for their meeting with many more friends in Philadelphia in November.