This page is a collection of ideas/thoughts/things to consider as we near the opening date for v 1.0 of the CADlab exhibition:

Display cases:
7 23 x 15" vitrines with matching pedestals
6 18 x 18" vitrines with matching pedestals

We will be painting them charcoal gray to stick with the CADlab color scheme that Adam designed.

I am also proposing two big banners to go on the very large walls that we have in the gallery, one would have the CADlabORATION logo and the other would have the names of the collaborating artists and institutions.


This is a lot of space for the works that I am projecting, so it would be nice to display some parts/pieces/samples/process/unfinished examples of the finished works with the final pieces.

Also, if the works are finished now please send them as soon as you can. It would be so helpful to get the work earlier than later.


I would like to stick to very close to the educational theme of this show and we have two 5 x 8' moveable walls that we can use both sides of (four 5 x 8 surfaces to work with). On those walls I was thinking we could display boards describing the digital processes/output methods/ materials that have been utilized in the work. Also, stealing Donna's idea from the Slices show, we could have a DVD player and screen running Rebecca's RP research video (if R is okay with that) during the time the exhibition is up. 3D Systems had said that they would like to provide educational material i.e. video, but they have not gotten back to me...
About that, so no word on the conference speaking opportunity, they never got back to me with a yes or a no for any of us to come talk.

We have decided to do talks around the closing of the exhibition rather than the opening, due to other events at Winthrop and how the closing falls during the 3D Systems World Conference. October 20-23, 2008. That Monday is Fall break at Winthrop, but school will be in session October 21-24.

3D Systems is not paying for any of their speakers to travel to their conference, so there isn't really any support for other members to come to Rock Hill. So far, Matthew and Phil have offered to get finiancial assistance from their institutions to travel down to talk. There are accomodations at the Winthrop Inn and our house for anyone who would be interested in coming down for the week of the closing reception. The opportunity to attend the 3D Systems World Conference October 20 - 23 is there too, for what that is worth. Winthrop Galleries could fund the stay at the Inn for those who could get here.

Matthew is scheduled to talk at Winthrop the evening of the 21st and Phil is talking on the closing night of the 23rd of October. These dates are still flexible, the calendar has not gone to print yet. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to come to Winthrop that week, or any other to speak!

Also, if the teams could give me a little more information on the scale of the works to be exhibited, that would be great!