Daniella Kerner and Stanley Lechtzin have generously volunteered to host the 2007 Cadlaboration at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

Excellent conference, once again, thank you so much. Everyone please add notes etc as you are able.

9:30-10 - Welcome, introductions, new business/agenda items to
consider from the floor

10-11 - Courtney Starrett - Proposal, timeline, deadlines, discussion
of Cadlab exhibition at Winthrop University Fall 2008

11-12 - Discussion about Mission Statement edits, Cadlaboration
Exchange, live editing of our WIKI (please bring your laptop, or let
Phil know if you would like him to bring one from Kendall for you to

12-12:30 - Tyler graduate student research presentation I

12:30-1:30 - Lunch and general discussion

1:30-2 - Discussion of collaborative pedagogical research project

2-2:30 - Presentation / discussion on collaboratively generated work

2:30-5:30 - Discussion / progress updates re: collaborative artwork
project that began at Cadlaboration 2006. Please contact your
collaborator(s) asap to prepare some remarks about what has worked and
what hasn't over the past year. Remainder of the afternoon will be
spent working in groups (discussion, research, brainstorming,
modeling, etc) in response to our existing, or revised, theme.

6 pm: Dinner at Tyler (please let me know any dietary preferences)

9:30-10:30 - Revisit discussion of Cadlaboration goals and means -
WIKI development etc

10:30-11 - Tyler graduate student research presentation II

11-12 - Doug Bucci - Cadlaboration and SNAG rEvolution, Philly 2009

12-1 - Stanley Lechtzin et al, The future of MJCC at Tyler, facilities

1-2 - Lunch and Conversation

2-2:30 - Tyler graduate student research presentation II

2:30-5:00 - Collaborative exercises and studio team work

5-5:30 - Closing comments, action items, volunteers for coordinating
initiatives developed over the weekend