Design Tools and Methods.

Design focuses on creating the plans, drawings, models and algorithms that describe what will be implemented.


1.The Design Process

  • Requirements for each elements derived from project goals.
  • Experiment prototypes
  • Alternatives in Design
  • Optimization
  • Final Design
  • Consideration for Change

2. Design Process Phases

  • Activities of system design: conceptual, preliminary and detailed
  • Models
  • Products that extend initial concept, products that evoke emotional connection, brand identity + consumer buy in

3. Design Knowledge put into action

  • Technical and Scientific
  • Creative and critical thinking and problem solving
  • Research into prior design knowledge, reuse of designs: are there any standardizations to compare to?
  • Documentation of Design knowledge

4. Disciplinary Design

  • Appropriate technologies and approaches to problem solving
  • Validation of design: function, concept, context
  • Iterations: quantitative brand identity
  • Modeling
  • Refine of form

5. Multidisciplinary Design

  • Interactions
  • What are the assumed differences; What are the shared conventions?
  • Differences in maturity of disciplines. Craft knowledge and Digital Knowledge
  • common ground for design and fabrication environments

5. Multi-Objective Design

  • Life cycle cost and value
  • Value- added value (quantitative) and perceived value
  • Aesthetics and Functions
  • Maintainability, reliability and safety
  • Evolution of product improvement and retirement

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