This might be an appropriate place for the discussion and views about the nature of teaching three-dimensional computer media. Whether the educational program is focused on design or personal exploration, there are overlapping concerns and needs. This CADlabORATION project/site is a welcome addition to the educators in this field. In its collegial and generous extension of resources and information, it has the potential to erode some of the obstacles that have limited the philosophy and approach that many schools have had to adopt.

There have been physical and philosphical obstacles for many artists, designers and makers. It is our hope that this site will help to address both of these. Most obviously, the expense and complexity of the technologies has influenced the approach that many programs take toward a direct experience with CAD and the output from it. With the generous offer of sharing resources, especially RP and CNC, that concern may be addressed. There is another philosophical or at least self-reflective aspect to address in the nature and potential of this media. Fortunately, we can't really predict or even profess that. But we can provide some impetus and structure for its organic development. There are a few things to think about that might be good for this:
  • Offer some collaborative projects with the opportunity for publicity, exhibition (virtual or otherwise).
  • Share our views on the value, implications, association and potential that we see in the outcomes of these.
  • Gather online and/or in person regularly to discuss new ideas and applications of our individual capabilities as they may be able to be shared and built upon collaboratively.

Proposal for consideration