Cadlaboration Exchange Schema

One of the features of this project is to ensure that our collective resources are maximized and that members and students have opportunities to learn about systems that are not used at their institution. To that end CadLabOration seeks to standardize already existing 3D printing/computer-based resource trading relationships, and to build new ones, between institutions and individuals. Below are many of the issues that will need to be codified/addressed for each relationship or "Transformaction."

Fair Trade:

Important Issues:
  • Copyright/release/disclosure agreement
  • We should have the right to document/publish images/descriptions of exchange projects
  • They need to attest that they are the authors of the work
  • They retain ownership of the copyright
  • The .stl file etc is protected from unauthorized future printing
  • All projects have to be educational in nature, and the use of files and images and any other derivatives have to be for educational purposes
  • Need to provide a technology selection matrix
  • Participants need to understand that this "service" is voluntary and not guaranteed in time or quality etc

  • Zipped
  • .STL

Institutional Transformactions:
The listed schools below are taking submmisions as per instructors consultation and guidance regarding student participation, oppropriate use of the exchange process, and acknowledgement of future collaborate efforts.(needs revision)

Click on link to access the Cadlaboration Exchange Form.
  • Tyler School of Art (here)
  • Kendall College of Art (here)
  • Mass College of Art (here)
  • University the of Arts (here)
  • Penn State Altoona (here)
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago (here)
  • Winthrop University (here)
  • Cleveland Institute of Art (here)