When uploading files for 3D printing:
  • Send STL files only unless previously arranged
  • Files must be in mm
  • From Rhino export an STL using the "Refine Mesh" option in Rhino, using .01 approx min 'edge to surface'
  • Each part must be it's own STL file
  • Send your phone number so we can call you if there is a problem
  • Tell us what the overall size of the part(s) are, and what you want them printed in/with what variables/colors etc in the comment field of the form below.
  • TELL US WHAT MACHINE/MATERIAL YOU WANT! What are we doing with this part?
  • Name your files with your name, the name of the project, and any other info that would help to tell us what we are doing with the part, no spaces or punctuation other than underscores i.e. elvis_lamp_red_fdm_.stl

Kendall Students:
Follow the above guidelines, and include whose student account we need to charge the parts to. MAKE SURE to follow the above guidelines.

If you have any questions:

Phil Carrizzi
616.308.7617 phil@optilevers.com password:cadlaboration
Claas Kuhnen
715.309.9795 info@ckbrd.de

Non Kendall students: fill this form out FIRST, before you send your file. Zip this PDF along with your STL.
Kendall Exchange Form


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