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Kendall College of Art and Design Metals/Jewelry Design Program

17 Fountain NW
Grand Rapids, MI

Relevant Faculty:
  • Phil Carrizzi (CAD/CAM, Rendering, Design, Production Multiples, Professional Practices, Digital Fabrication, Thesis)
  • Claas Kuhnen (Industrial Design) - [[|]]
  • Rachele Battreall (Intro to Metals/Jewelry Design, Hollow and Utilitarian Ware, One Credit Workshops)
Dig/Fab Lab Technician

Our WIKI space/ lab capabilites are online at

  • Machine time on any of our 4 CNC milling machines (though this is probably a hard thing to share re: materials, fixturing, labor)
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • LASER cutting/Engraving
  • Time helping to troubleshoot/evaluate/critique/help fix student work to meet the needs of a particular process
  • Machine time on our Envisiontec Perfactory RP System (very hi-res, fast, some geometries are hard to build, supports difficult to remove) - or our Stratasys Dimension 1200SST FDM RP System (large build envelope, reliable builds, sturdy materials, soluble supports, low resolution)
  • Text/Video/Audio based resources that we are developing as a part of our CAD/CAM curriculum
  • Text/Video/Audio based resources that other schools are developing
  • Collaborative/shared learning opportunities between our students and professional artists, industry, and/or students from other academies
  • RP technologies that have larger work envelopes, alternate materials, or different build properties than either of ours.

In General: CAD/CAM related activities take place within the metals studio itself, as well as in the Virtual Reality/Digital Fabrication Lab, which is an adisciplinary 3D technology lab on Kendalls 4th floor. QTVR here.

There is the potential for CAD/CAM to be used in many of our courses, but it is regularly used in the CAD/CAM for Metals/Jewelry Design course, the Metals/Jewelry Design I,II,II Sequence, and Thesis. A slightly outdated version of all our courses/courseplan is here. We have also, finally, been able to add a required Advanced CAD/CAM course for Metals/Jewelry Design Majors.

Relevant Links:

Relevant Software we employ:
  • Rhino
  • Magics
  • ArtCam
  • Illustrator
  • AutoCAD
  • Protowizard
Relevant Hardware we employ:
  • Stratasys Dimension 1200 SST - pics here
  • Envisiontec Perfactory Standard
  • Materials Available for 3D Printing:
  • (Click each for examples of what they look like, do some reasearch or email Phil for more info on resolution/mechanical properties etc)
  • Perfactory: Eshell, QIC200 (Castable), R5, PIC100 (PIC100 for very small parts which need to be cast, like rings)
  • Dimension: Red, Blue, White, Gray, Black, Yellow, Green; ABS material depending on what we have available at any given time
  • Modelmaster 1000, 2500, MaxNC 10cl, Roland MDX-15 CNC milling machines
  • Phantom Omni Haptic Interface
  • NextEngine 3D laser scanner
  • Microscribe Digitizing Arm
  • Roland Pic-4 3D touch scanner
  • 36" vinyl cutter
  • LASERpro Elite engraving/cutting system
Regular Outside Service Sources/Partners:
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