LOG of CADlabORATION "Transformactions": (put newest on top)

12-13-2006 - Tyler
An assortment of small and large pieces were built (on Tyler's Zcorp system) for Kendall Students using urethane and paraffin infiltrated starch, and epoxy infiltrated plaster. Parts arrived on the 13th, very well packaged - and were in great shape. pics here.

12-4-2006 - CIA
Solidscape parts built for Kendall students (Matt, please finish:) pics here.
Details for Elis :

12-4-2006 - Kendall
A variety of parts were built for Tyler in Perfactory (qic200@50um) and FDM (black and white ABS @ .254mm) between approx the 17th of November and December 4th. A few problems with FDM parts breaking - they could have had sturdier/thicker transitions - but we have to handle them a little more gently next time - the FDM parts all had to be built twice. First time recording the actual material costs and estimating retail value of parts via online service bureau xpress3d.com and guesstimation. Actual material costs: $53.80 (+$37 for FDM parts that were broken). Approximate retail value: $1065. Shipped out next day FedEx on 12_5_2006.

11-20-2006 - Kendall
"Harptrans" Sculpture for Laura Emelianoff of the SAIC - Printed in R5 resin on the Envisiontec Perfactory in 50um layers - approx 12 hour build. the Digfablab is running a bit hot, so the lamp crashed about 2/3 the way through (normal above about 80degrees in the room. So we had to build the remainder and light weld together. Pics

10-2006 - Kendall
Rings for Richard Nelipovich - Branch ring prototypes in qic200 resin. Support generation was interested, had to completely abandon auto support generation and build them custom, but they came out well. Pics here

10-2006 - Kendall
Rings for students at Tyler printed in pic100 resin and the new qic200 resin on the Perfactory. Took about a week and a half to complete and ship. Each build (4) was about 10 hours or so, parts were all buildable (though had flaws as far as Magics9.5 was concerned - but didn't need to be fixed to build) and material usage was approx $30. (I forgot to weigh them before I sent them out.) Pics here

5/10/06 - Kendall
4 parts in progress for MassArt. Each are a full platform without enlarging platform, which we have chosen not to do.
Got parts approx May1 - forgot to dowload them, they expired, had to have Joe Wood resend.
Part 1 - bracelet - 17 hour build, I think 1900 layers@50um layer thickness in pic100, building hollow with 1.5mm walls. 20 min file prep - no errors in part.

4/22/06 - Kendall
Two salt and pepper shakers and four large earring forms built in Eshell material at 100um, for students of Doug Bucci at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.Total weight 180grams.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/optilevers/search/text:moore+earring/(shipped 4-20-06)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/optilevers/search/text:heather+earrings/ (shipped 4_25_06)

4/20/06 - Tyler
Printed drawer pulls and shakers for Kendall students in starch/paraffin. Arrived Friday the 20th. Will open with the students on Monday's class, invest, and cast in aluminum on Tuesday - then update this post.
Students liked them a lot. So we invested them up and are going to cast them in Al tonight (4-25-06)
Castings went very well. Burned out very clean. Students are cleaning them for future use... thank you!

4/06/06 - Tyler M/J/C-C
The rings and things have arrived in good condition and were distributed to the Tyler students. We had a good discussion centering around the technical aspects of the PIC100 material and the designing for the Perfactory machine.
Phil's comments below will be taken into account when we next produce models for the Perfactory. We will report on the casting results when they become available.
We have just switched from plaster to starch on our Zcorp406 and will include a number of test parts for Kendall that Phil has requested for casting tests. I expect to be able to ship them late next week.


3/2006 - Kendall
13 parts built in PIC100 resin on the Perfactory in 50um layers for students of Stanley/Kim at Tyler School of Art. Roughly 2 full platforms of various (relatively small) sized parts, approx total 24 hours build time. Some problems with detailed parts that had to be supported. Recommend cutting some of these parts up in the future (so that delicate/important features can be downward facing in the build etc) and recombining. Also, the sprues that are built into the parts might be better as separate parts, or just done in wax (in some cases we had to support against important features in order to get the sprues to build without too many supports etc).
180grams approx of pic100 material. Shipped out 3-31-26, with one part left to rebuild. Process and results here

2/2006 - Penn State Altoona
approx 12 small "dart" forms were printed in white ABS FDM by Rebecca Strzelec for Kendall industrial design student.