Massachusetts College of Art - Boston MA

Studio Manager:

Jewelry and Metalsmithing.

We are located on-line at:

MassArt is a state college that is entirely committed to providing degrees in Fine Art, Design, Art Education and Art History. We are primarily, an undergraduate school offering BFA and BA and MFA degrees.

MassArt Metals is a jewelry and metalsmithing department. There are an average of 16 - 18 Junior and Senior majors.
The department serves about 100 different students per semester with elective courses, required major courses and continuing education courses.

The college offers a 2-year MFA to qualified students. Candidates are initially reviewed by the principal faculty (Joe Wood , Heather White) for review by the entire 3D faculty. Accepted students are part of an all-3D peer group that averages about 12 students per year. We are committed to ensuring the voice and concerns of jewelry and metalsmithing in the larger discussions of art at the graduate level.

Jewelry and Metals area has a lab of seven PCs networked and linked to other computers at the college and to various input and output devices.

The J/M area is host to a college-wide course called Computers for Objectmakers:

With regards to CAD we have used FormZ and Rhino3D for most modelling and CAD work. We are gravitating ever more toward Rhino and its suite of pluggins. We also provide the usual array of digital support for image and print processing and web design.

Our area provides access to these devices:
  • Flatbed and slide scanners
  • 32" plotter Printer
  • Microscribe digitizer
  • MicroKinetics CNC Mill (using Visual Mill and MillMaster pro)
  • Claytools for Rhino with Omni haptic interface.

At this time we do not have our own RP facility. We do have a convenient relationship with Wentworth Institute of Technology (a neighbor school) whereby we can usually get 3D Systems Thermojet models and Zcorp 3D prints.

In terms of pedagogy, we aim to provide general practice in faciltiating the development and construction or three dimensional work using the computer as an aid. Visualization, plan and pattern making, digital tooling in the way of paths for outsource cutting / shaping are emphasized.