• To contribute to the ongoing evolution of the field of jewelry and metals by fostering education and substantive collaboration among artists working with digital technologies.

Pedagogy | Projects | Events | Technology
(need to group the following into these headings)

    • To contribute to an ongoing definition of our field through discovery, practice, and education
    • To facilitate opportunities
    • To facilitate opportunities for collaboration
    • To facilitate new learning experiences
    • To facilitate new strategies in instructional design and delivery
    • To explore and define new horizons
    • To define and practice professional conduct
    • To organize and promote relevant work using print, the web, and exhibitions
    • To cultivate partnerships with relevant organizations
    • To maintain and share documentation of cadlaboration activities
    • To share theoretical and technical information and resources
    • To provide and expedite new experiences with materials and technologies
    • To retain and cultivate a vital body of participants
    • To recognize outstanding achievement