To Visit the Towson/Winthrop Propaganda Exhibition on in the Towson Innovation Lab in Second Life:

1. Go to and create an account (once you have selected your name and created an account your can not change your name)
2. Download and install the free program
3. Log in and acclimate your avatar
4. Upon first visit to Second Life you will be in Help Island
5. To leave Help Island you will need to move towards the green arrow in the sky that says "Start your Second Life Now"
6. There are several billboards that advertise different one and teleport out of Help Island
7. Once you have left Help Island you will be able to search for the Towson Innovation Lab in the search window.
8. The search results will offer the option to teleport to T.I.L. Select teleport
9. Once on the Towson Innovation Lab Island walk/run/fly to the Propaganda Gallery located at the following coordinates
10. The exhibit is the entire bottom floor of the building

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